Piiramatu läbisõit Eestis. Puhas nauding

Broneerides auto vähemalt 30 päeva varem, on rendihind 5% soodsam! Meie alati anname natuke ROHKEM

The pick up and return of rental cars takes place at Madara 31, 10613 Tallinn.
Pre-booking is necessary +372 58 065 100.

Required documents

The Renter must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driving license. By clicking on the link you can obtain an overview of how long and on what conditions your driving licence is valid in Estonia.


The lease payment shall be made for the entire period from the moment the contract is entered into. In cases of bookings, the Lessor has the right to demand advance payment to the amount of 20% of the total rental price. Pre-payment in non-refundable.


Upon leasing a vehicle, the Renter shall pay a deposit in the amount of 100-500 EUR. The deposit is charged by means of a pre-authorisation transaction on the credit or debit card of the Renter (or the Renter makes a bank transfer in the required amount onto the bank account of the Rental Company). The deposit is returned during 1-5 days when the Renter has returned the Vehicle and the Rental Company has no further claims against the Renter. The Rental Company reserves the right to require a deposit larger than 500 EUR.

Condition of the vehicle

The vehicle is delivered to the Renter with a filled fuel tank (full/full, empty/empty), washed and in a good technical condition. Upon receiving a vehicle, you are advised to inspect it carefully and demand the entry of all damages (including paintwork scrapings) into the rental contract, as otherwise you may become liable for the vehicle’s damages which were present already before.


The excess of the Lessee in case of an accident (CDW) is 390 EUR and in case of theft (TP) 15% of the cost of the vehicle. As a supplemental service, decreased accident excess (SCDW) is available for decreasing the excess to 190, 65 or 0 EUR.

Mileage limitation

Prices includes unlimited mileage only in Estonia. Outside of Estonia is a mileage limitation of 400km/day and no more than 4000km/month. Upon violation of these limitations, an additional fee of 0.1 Eur/km is charged

Territory of use

It is forbidden to drive the car outside of Estonia without AAA Rent written agreement.

Other issues

Upon leasing a vehicle, these terms of sale and the general terms of the lease contract apply to the Lessee. In case of a conflict between the general terms of the lease contract and these terms of sale, these terms of sale shall prevail.

AAA Rent has the right to refuse to lease a vehicle.

Rental agreement conditions